Thank you and welcome to the page. My name is Tony and I started CompassLongview in January of 2018. This brand is a culmination of all the things that I appreciate in this world. Just like a Rye on the rocks after a long week, this brand is all about adding to the simple pleasures and extravagant luxuries that life has to offer! 


The Team  

Tony - CEO
The concept for CompassLongview came from a conversation, which grew the vision for this brand. If you appreciate the best that a gentleman's life has to offer, I hope you enjoy our collection pertaining to some of your favorite interests. 
Kelvin - Blog Content Creator.
Kelvin has been committed to sharing his well documented thoughts every single week! From topics ranging from Cigar and Tobacco to the complete success stories of famous brands, Kelvin displays his skills of producing knowledge in an entreating style writing. You can learn from his work any time in the Blog section of this website. 
Madison - Videographer
Video has been the largest asset to our brand in our journey to giving value and entertainment to our faithful following. Madison is key in sharing our passion for quality gentleman topics from us to the viewer. He played College hockey in Alabama, and currently plays professionally in France.