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The 5 S’s of Wine Tasting

Assess the taste structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavors derived from retronasal olfaction (perception of smells emanating from your mouth when you eat or drink).Your tongue can "touch" the wine's texture. It can also detect tannins, which cause the drying sensation in red wines.

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The Fascinating History of American Whiskey

History records indicate that these early settlers made rye-based whiskey. Why? The barley they brought from Europe took too long before it became acclimatized to its new home. On the other hand, rye was a hardy crop that took root and fared well almost immediately. Since they were already accustomed to distilling a rye-based bill mash grain, they turned to it as "the next best thing" to barley.

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The Fascinating Story of The American Prohibition

It wasn't only the number of Jewish congregates that went up – the number of rabbis did as well. Unlike the Catholic Church, which had a formal way of distinguishing a priest from a layperson, the Jewish didn't have such a mechanism in place. So if a wine lover came together with a few friends and declared himself their rabbis, who was going to refute the claim?

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