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10 Most Underrated Whiskies in the World 2022

Any long-time whisky enthusiast has witnessed the whisky boom pick up steam over the past 2-3 decades. The tried and true offerings from years past are still very popular. At the same time, a flood of new bottles from start-up distillers hit the market every year. In such a landscape, it's not surprising that many high-quality whiskeys are underappreciated. To help some of them out, we have scoured the internet for whiskies that deserve more attention, according to the most informed whisky pundits like....

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The Brief History of Japanese Whisky

At this time, distilleries began to close, starting with Hanyu. In 2000, they sold their remaining stock and equipment. Karuizawa distillery closed the following year and Mars Shinshu shortly after. These events marked the bottom of the decline in Japanese whisky sales. The remaining producers continued to make high-quality distillates, but production volumes were limited.

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The Fascinating Story of The American Prohibition

It wasn't only the number of Jewish congregates that went up – the number of rabbis did as well. Unlike the Catholic Church, which had a formal way of distinguishing a priest from a layperson, the Jewish didn't have such a mechanism in place. So if a wine lover came together with a few friends and declared himself their rabbis, who was going to refute the claim?

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