How Much Is A Men’s Cartier Watch? Buyer Guide

When you hear Cartier, what comes to mind? One of the most coveted luxury jewelers. A first-class brand that includes watches, perfumes, and luxury leather goods.

Fashion-conscious, elegant creations gilded with precious metals and adorned with precious gems. 

All of these are accurate descriptions of Cartier. This iconic brand has always focused on handcrafted luxury goods since its inception, successfully adapting to changing trends over time. 

While Cartier offers a wide range of products, from fragrances to rings to leather goods, its most popular offering remains wristwatches.

Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most popular search queries on the Internet is "How much does a men's Cartier watch cost?" Let us find out.

NOTE: We are covering men's watches here, and we realize that this excludes many of Cartier's grandest creations, as the watches for women are just as dazzling and exquisite. 

 The good thing is that many Cartier watches have been unisex (long before that term even existed). So this Cartier watch buying guide can serve both genders.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Cartier, how the brand came to be and where it stands today, check out this post.

How Much Is A Cartier Watch?

The price range of Cartier watches is huge on the official website, currently ranging from $2500 to a quarter of a million dollars! 

The Ronde de Cartier collection

Ronde De Cartier Collection

The Ronde de Cartier watch has blued hands and Roman numerals on the round dial.

The hands of the watch are sword-shaped and are described as "rail- track style".

The hour and minute hands are shaped like small swords, with the former also serving as hour markers.

The watch is described as a combination of Roman numerals and blued steel hands with a rail track-style minute hand.

Price Range: $US 2,400 - $US 52,350

The entry-level Ronde de Cartier watches as Ronde Must de Cartier come with 29 mm, quartz movement, a steel case, and a strap made without animal materials.

The top-of-the-line Ronde de Cartier watches such as Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton come with 42 mm, automatic winding, yellow gold case, and blue alligator leather.

Cartier Tank Collection

Cartier Tank Collection

Created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, the Cartier Tank was inspired by military tanks on the battlefields of the First World War. 

The name comes from this inspiration, but as time went on and the Tank evolved, it became a brand in its own right.

Over the last century, the Cartier Tank has become Cartier's flagship watch collection.

The Tank watch has a cult following among men who are looking for a dress watch with a rugged look.

They want something that goes well with their office outfits but also stands out when they want to make a fashion statement.

That's why so many men like the Cartier Tank watch 

Price Range: $US 2,790 - $US 78,500

The Cartier Tank collection currently includes 70 models. These are divided into automatic and quartz versions.

The cases are made of steel, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and patented multicolor gold or palladium.

Cartier Santos

 Cartier Santos Collection

The Cartier Santos was one of the company's first wristwatches. Its large, round dial stood out from other watches of the time.

The watch features a stainless steel case with a matching steel bracelet and exposed screws on the bezel and bracelet.

It has Roman numerals for the hour indication. After Cartier made the watch in honor of Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, he wore it on his first public flight in 1906, and the watch quickly became popular among pilots.

It was worn by a pilot who flew over Normandy on D-Day during World War II. Because of its vibrant history, the Cartier Santos watch is highly sought after by collectors.

In 2018, Cartier released a revamped version of its classic Santos watch, featuring softer lines and perfectly rounded edges.

Price range: $US 3,750 - $US 65,700

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier Collection

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Collection

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch collection encompasses all aspects of Cartier's expert watchmaking.

Each watch in the collection features signature Roman numerals and a sword-shaped blue-steel hand.

Each watch in the collection is equipped with a blue bubble winding crown that is set against the sapphire cabochon mechanism, ensuring precision timekeeping for many years to come. 

Price range: $5,800 - $165,000

The entry-level models feature a steel case and a fluted crown set with a cabochon synthetic spinel.

The Crème de la Crème Ballon Bleu de Cartier has an 18-karat rhodium-plated white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a fluted crown with a sapphire cabochon.

The Pasha de Cartier Collection

The Pasha de Cartier Collection

The Pasha de Cartier Collection The Pasha de Cartier watch was first introduced in 1985.

It was a huge hit for Cartier, as customers were impressed by both its scale (38 mm was big for Cartier at the time) and the simple yet elegant style.

The Pasha de Cartier was sold for 25 years until it was taken out of production in 2010.

Now the Pasha de Cartier is back, this time in two sizes: 41 mm in steel or yellow gold and 35 mm in steel or rose gold.

The collection includes the iconic Pasha de Cartier timepiece with a round bezel and dial, as well as new additional designs with a rectangular face and date window. 

With Cartier's usual attention to detail and class, you can configure your Pasha de Cartier timepiece to your liking by personalizing the case, dial, bracelet, and bezel

Price range: $5,300 - $169,000

FAQ About Buying Cartier Watches

Are Cartier Watches a Good Investment?

Increasing demand and continued scarcity ensure that Cartier remains one of the most sought-after luxury brands.

Cartier's prestigious history as a jewelry designer guarantees that only the finest precious metals are used to create its watches.

Cartier also has its own high-tech watchmaking laboratory,  where the watch movements are carefully developed, tested and approved.

In the ranks of watch connoisseurs around the world, Cartier watches are considered top-of-the-line and are highly sought after.

They not only retain their value but increase in value and are often resold at auction for top dollar.

Where can I Buy A Pre-Owned Cartier Watch? 

 preowned cartier watches

If you want to invest in a Cartier watch but do not have the funds (or are not willing) to buy in a brand new Cartier watch, a preowned market is a great option.

Just make sure you only deal with reputable websites like WatchBox and Chrono24.

These offer a wide selection of pre-owned luxury and designer watches with savings in price of up to 50% on the retail price.

How Can I Tell if My Cartier is Real? 

Ever since it made its first watch in 1904, Cartier has been a noteworthy target for counterfeiters.

Since it is a high-end luxury product, many people try to fake them and pass them off as real. 

If you are buying from a private seller and not an authorized dealer, you need to be extra careful. 

  • One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Cartier is to look at the inscription on the movement. On genuine Cartiers, the brand name is always engraved on the movement. The brand can also spell out CARTIER on either the 7 o'clock or 10 o'clock markers. In addition, you will find the lettering SWISS MADE clearly under the 6 o'clock mark.
  •  Another way to distinguish a fake from a real watch is scratch-resistant glass. This is one of the best features of most Cartier watches and you will definitely not find this high-quality material in fakes. 
  • Another way to tell a fake from a real one is to examine the screws. When it comes to security, you will always find identical apartment head screws holding the case on genuine Cartier watches. Counterfeit Cartier watches often have cheap snap-on clasps or use Phillips screws that are slightly rounded. Another good way to tell a fake from a real one is to look at the gems.
  •  The winding mechanism of a genuine Cartier watch features a cut gemstone called a cabochon. If there is no stone, it is a fake Cartier watch. The gemstone should be securely attached and not glued on. Almost every genuine Cartier watch has a serial number consisting of two letters and six digits engraved on the back - not etched or added as a sticker afterward.

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