Top 21 Whiskey YouTube Channels You Can Watch Today

YouTube is a great platform for whiskey fanatics and connoisseurs to discuss their favorite drams and distilleries, as well as review a number of whiskies. If you would like to expand your whisky knowledge, then these channels are a great place to start. Though nowhere near as popular as any of these Youtubers, we also have our own YouTube channel where we talk about whiskey occasionally among many other things that interest the modern gentleman.

Here's the list of the 21 best and most informative whiskey YouTube channels that are as entertaining as they are knowledgeable.

1.) The Mash and Drum

The Mash and Drum Whiskey Room is a YouTube channel featuring whiskey (mainly Bourbon) reviews by Jason C. He is a drummer and whiskey enthusiast from Columbus, Ohio. The reason for starting the YouTube channel is in his own words, "I decided to make a whisk(e)y review show because not only do I love bourbon and whiskey, but I love the stories behind it and the people that create it. With so many options out there in the world of whiskey, I hope to bring you engaging, educational, and fun content that will help you make better whiskey-sipping decisions”

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Top Overhyped and Overpriced Bourbons & Whiskeys

What are the best alternatives to Blanton's?

What are the best VALUES in bourbon?

2.) SLB Drinks

SLB(Strong like a Bull)  Drinks is a YouTube Channel focused on Bourbon & Whiskey reviews, recreating and discovering new and classic cocktails as well as monthly live streams and giveaways.  The videos are shot in SLB Basement Bourbon Bar by Kurt Ludington and his son. Kurt describes their YouTube channel as " Honest bourbon, whiskey, and spirit reviews with some fantastic cocktails as well! Striving to create a nonjudgmental environment where we can all learn and enjoy the journey.". 

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

5 Bourbons I Regret Buying - Overpriced AND Overhyped!

5 Wheated Bourbons BETTER Than WELLER?

THIS is the KING of $20 Bourbons! - SHOCKED

3.) It’s Bourbon Night

It’s Bourbon Night is a whiskey review channel created in 2016 by Kentucky natives, Chad Perkins and Sara Ahlgrim. The bourbon and rye whiskey review channel features a wide array of their content, as well as the content of other producers and events, With a catalog more than 400 videos deep, they, have covered almost every imaginable topic in bourbon, from buying guides, flight fights, uncorking videos and news announcements. They also run, Whiskey Ambitions an apparel and lifestyle outlet for whiskey connoisseurs. 

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

12 Bourbons You Need To Have on Your Bar Cart

Uncorking Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year

Best Bourbons Under $50 - A Blind Flight Challenge

4.) Ralfydotcom

Easily one of the longest-running whiskey channels on YouTube, ralfydotcom is run by Ralf Mitchell. The whiskey reviewer from Scotland is widely renowned for his informative, entertaining and often amusing videos about whisky. In an interview with Whiskey Magazine, he said, “The biggest obstacle to my early malt adventures was the lack of independent, authentic, impartial guidance. All advice is useful as anyone getting into whisky for the first time will fall victim to poor quality at some point. What’s worse mistakes can be expensive. Now in this age of instant online information customers can learn fast about whisky standards.”

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

How to drink and enjoy whisky

Whisky Of The Year For 2022 (From The Bothy)

Whisky of the Year 2020

5.) ADHD Whiskey

Matt Porter is the face behind ADHD Whiskey, a YouTube channel that manages the balancing act of enjoying whiskey and not taking yourself too seriously. Matt is one of the funniest whiskey reviews on YouTube. But that should not lead you to believe he does not know his stuff. He is very knowledgeable and was named Bardstown the World's Top Whiskey Taster by the Bardstown Bourbon Company in 2020.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Rare Breed vs Old Forester 1920: Is Rare Breed Better than BTAC?

5 Whiskeys You SHOULDN'T Buy!

5 Bottles of Whiskey You NEED! My Pick For Each Occasion!

6.) Bourbon Junkies

Bourbon Junkies is a whiskey and Bourbon channel hosted by the entertaining duo  Daniel Shook and Sean Paisley. In their own words, “ We felt like we kept seeing boring whiskey reviews with little to no enthusiasm, no willingness to say they didn't like it and worst off all, no fun being had. We decided to try to introduce some fun (and realistically immaturity) into this Bourbon Game.” The channel features a wide range of content from Weekly Livestreams to their popular segments Pour Guesses and Breaking The Seal.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

5 Whiskeys You SHOULDN'T Buy!

5 Bottles of Whiskey You NEED! Our Picks for Each Occasion!

The BEST Whiskey for YOUR Money! Top 5 Value Bourbons Out Right Now!

7.) Whiskey Vault

Whisk(e)y Vault is a channel run by Rex and Daniel. These two eccentric whisky fanatics focus mainly on whisky reviews and tasting notes, sampling Scotch whiskies as well as hundreds of whiskies from around the world. They also run the Whisky Marketing School, an in-person course where they share the history, stories, culture, and methods that have evolved over hundreds of years. The program teaches the art of storytelling, effective marketing, and communication around the medium of whiskey.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Top 10 Whiskeys for Beginners [Crowdsourced From Whiskey Lovers]

Best Whiskey For The Money [Crowdsourced from Whisk(e)y Lovers]

Top 10 Unique and Interesting Bourbons (Crowdsourced from Whiskey Lovers)

8.) Scotch Test Dummies

Self-proclaimed whisky dummies, Scott and Bart have been exploring the world of Scotch, bourbon, rye and the occasional ale on YouTube since 2013. In their own words, "Our goal is to develop a comedic style and enthusiasm to share these amazing spirits with the connected whisky community." The Scotch Test Dummies publish twice-weekly reviews featuring a new bourbon or American whisky, alternating with a Scotch or perhaps an international whisky.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Bart's Whisky Collection 2020!!!

'Mithuna' Indian Single Malt Whisky by Paul John

Glenallachie 12-Year Single Malt Scotch

9.) The Whiskey Dictionary

The Whiskey Dictionary is a channel focused on whiskey reviews as well as a variety of informative videos. The host Bill delves into the intricacies of the whiskey world, the history of brands, how to nose, taste, and enjoy everything from bourbon, scotch, rye, Irish whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and Canadian whiskey plus all kinds of craft whiskeys.

To top it off, every whiskey review comes with its own personal rating: "Stock it", "Buy It","Taste It"," or "Ignore it"

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Bourbon Whiskey: The Definitive Beginner Buying Guide

Scotch Whisky: The Definitive Beginner Buying Guide

Should you decant your whiskey?

10. )

Run by Horst Luening is one of the most active and longest running YouTube channels for whiskey reviews. They post several tasting videos a week with an emphasis on premium single malts, as well as frequent whisky news updates and live streams. Founded in Bavaria, German, the whiskey connoisseurs have traveled far and wide to taste and appreciate the different unique offerings from different  regions around the world. Their website offers an even larger catalog of whiskies and distilleries.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos: Award Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from the last 25 years

Proper No. Twelve - Conor McGregor

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

11.) Black Bourbon Family

Brandy and Jason are bourbon loving couple who host a fast growing YouTube channel. They passion for all things Bourbon and on screen chemistry has proved to be quite popular.   In their own words, “We would like to provide a place for everyone to enjoy learning about all types of bourbon.  We're not experts, but we do enjoy drinking bourbon and sharing our thoughts which hopefully provides useful information for the next time you see something in the store.” Occasionally they will throw in a cigar pairing recommendations with the Bourbon review.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

You only need 5 Bourbons! Bourbon Judge Edition - Buffalo Trace Distillery

Bourbons to HUNT in [2021]

5 bottles of Bourbon/Whiskey you NEED! Our picks for each occasion! AND cigars

12.) Stuff & Whiskey

Josh and Erin take a slightly different approach, preferring blind tastings to classic whiskey reviews. In their own words, "We believe blind tastings provide the most honest and unbiased feedback possible." Although they don’t consider themselves professional whiskey tasters, nonetheless they have made it their mission to provide their viewers an relatable, down-to-earth, consumer-oriented perspective to the world of whiskey. 

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Buffalo Trace vs Eagle Rare BLIND BOURBON REVIEW 

COMPLETE Collection of AVAILABLE Substitutes to Allocated Bourbon + Elijah Craig Review

6 Bottles We've Finished & Whether We'd ACTUALLY Buy Them Again 

13.) LiquorHound

LiquorHound is a YouTube channel by Chris Trevino a Certified Specialist of Spirits and is accredited by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) of Mexico. While accumulating a collection of 2500+ bottles with more than half being old, rare, and unique spirits, Chris has developed in depth knowledge on spirit. This is showcased through his reviews. He also does consulting for distilleries, bars and restaurants and is also the blender for Saint Alley. His channel is a great place to learn about some esoteric whiskeys, you may never have heard of otherwise.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

The World's Best Vodka vs. My Top 10 Under $40

Joseph Magnus Bourbon Review

Review - Vodka Taste Test #4 - Another 8 of the Best

14.) Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row is home to whiskey enthusiasts who celebrate, taste and review the world of whiskey. They are passionate about taking their viewers on their journey of learning about  new bottles and the occasional rare/hard-to-find unicorn. In their own words, "We are learning, growing, and exploring the world of bourbon and whiskey together. We do not have the greatest palate, know everything about bourbon, or be the best or most entertaining...we just want to share, educate, and get better together!"

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

What bourbons do you really need? Only 5 bottles



15.) Bourbon Of The Week

Bourbon of the Week is a weekly episode in which host Chris Littlewood features one of the bourbons in his collection. He rates each bourbon on price, taste and drinkability and determines who tops the list as the #1 bourbon. His goal is to help his viewers make better purchasing decisions for their bourbons. In his own words, "I am not a bourbon expert by any means. I am just a guy who loves bourbons and hates wasting money on bourbons I did not like. So let me save you the hassle, I'll buy it, I'll taste it, and I'll tell you whether you should buy it or not."

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:


10 TIPS To Help You Find Rare Bottles of Bourbon!

The Perfect $200 Bourbon Collection For Beginners!

16.) Whiskey Tribe

In 2016, Rex Williams and Daniel Whittington launched a YouTube channel called Whiskey Vault. In a little over a year, it became the largest whiskey channel on YouTube. The incredible community of whiskey lovers they built earned them the title of "Whiskey Tribe," which spawned a second YouTube channel that now has just as many subscribers. This success enabled them to create The Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company, the world's first crowd-sourced whiskey distillery. To this day, both YouTube channels inform and entertain viewers around the world.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Top 8 Things Whisk(e)y Lovers HATE about Liquor Stores (and how to fix it)

Top 20 Most Popular Whisk(e)ys in America (according to U.S. sales)

Whiskey makers try TikTok cocktails

17.) First Phil Whisky

First Phil Whisky takes you through the basics and intricacies of whisky so you can enjoy your whisky experience even more. The host Phil leverages his background in video production, motion graphics and professional video editing to produce some visually appealing and entertaining videos. .In his own words  "I hope to bring a fresh take to the whisky community here with well composed content combined with some great banter.”

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Why understanding casks is the most IMPORTANT thing whisky fans need to know


What is a Single Malt Whisky? - What you need to know

18.) Drums & Drams

Drums & Drams run by Cameron Leach is a whisky channel for reviews, recommendations, and livestreams, and more. touring percussion soloist by day and whiskey reviewer by night, Cameron is passionate about learn as much as possible and helping his viewers to move further along on their whiskey journey, as well.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Booker's Donohoe’s Batch (2021-01) Bourbon Review

Calumet Farm 15 Year Bourbon Review + Comparison w/Calumet 14 & Sam Houston 14

EH Taylor Small Batch & Single Barrel Bourbon - Comparison & Review

19.) The Podcask

Will and "the Greeze" were drinking buddies for nearly a decade before they decided to make something of it. So they laucnhed the PodCask: a podcast about whiskey and the culture surrounding it  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they set out to document their journey and learn more about the art of making and drinking fine spirits. The weekly show has a 5-star rating and is one of the top 100 food podcasts on iTunes. The same success seems to carry over to their YouTube channel, where they review new whiskeys, talk about the latest news, and share their very own form of whiskeytainment.

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:


You Only Need 5 Whiskies (ADHD Whiskey Update)

Top 6 Whiskeys of 2021

20.) My Bourbon Journey

My Bourbon Journey is a whiskey YouTube channel that delves into the world of American whiskey. Scott's goal is to provide his viewers with the best information possible to help them decide if a particular whiskey is right for them. As much as he wants to give his whiskey lovers the best buying recommendations, he also goes out of his way to point out that not everyone likes the same thing. In his own words, "It's subjective and what's right for me may not be right for you."

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Buffalo Trace VS Elijah Craig Small Batch | Bourbon Head to Head 

"FULL" Four Roses Bourbon LINEUP Review | What Stands Out For You?

TOP 5 Go To AND Available Bourbons 2022 | Bourbons you NEED to Try NOW!

 21.) Mr Liquor Sipper

Mr. Liquor Sipper is pretty hilarious with some good information on Whiskey. He can be a little controversial and says some R-rated stuff but that makes him even more fun to watch. In his own words, "Frequently crude and can be obnoxious, overly sexual and  abrasive rude, but it's all in good fun. If you enjoy information, whiskey and sexcapades  then these videos are right up your ally! "

Top 3 Popular YouTube Videos:

Four Roses Single Barrel Whiskey Review

Blanton's Bourbon Review is the hype is over?

The BEST cheap whiskey?!? Fighting Cock Whiskey Review

There you have it! 21 of the top YouTube channels in the whiskey space. This comprehensive list offers something for all types of whiskey lovers. All you need to do is take a little time and find out which whiskey reviewer you find the most entertaining, informative and fun to watch. You can decide to watch them all. Remember to give them a like and subscribe to their channels. That goes a long way to helping them  continue to do the awesome work their are doing!


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