10 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For The Modern Gentleman

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your modern gentleman spouse, friend, or relative is easier said than done. You see, modern gentlemen come in many shapes and sizes. They pursue different causes and hobbies, but one thing that unites them is their passion for whatever they pursue.

As a website that caters to the modern debonair gentleman, we know precisely what intrigues and captures his interest. Our holiday gift guide will make the task of getting that perfect gift a lot less daunting.

Old-fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Also known as a rocks glass or lowball, old-fashioned whiskey glasses bring elegance and class to the whiskey drinking experience. If your modern gentleman is a whiskey aficionado, he probably already owns several whiskey glasses. Why don’t you take this festive season as an opportunity to add to his collection?

These tumblers are short and stout with a wide mouth that allows all those wonderful whiskey and aromas to waft up to your nostrils. If you have read our article: Ultimate Gentleman’s Guide to Drinking Whiskey Etiquette, you know by now that choosing the right whiskey glass is essential for a fulfilling whisky experience.

Wondering which old fashioned whiskey glasses to buy? We recommend the Venero Crystal Set of 4 Rocks Glasses, which comes already packaged in a gift box.

venero glass

Portable Wine Rack

Maybe that gentleman in your life fancies a glass wine over whiskey. That is perfectly fine! Afterall every true gentleman should have a basic knowledge of wine because not all occasions call for hard drinks. Any wine enthusiast will tell you that wine has a long, rich history.

Also, wine vineyards are some of the most beautiful places on this planet. That said, you don’t have to get him a bottle of wine that might only last a meal. Instead, a portable wine rack that can be placed strategically anywhere in the house is the ultimate gift for a wine lover. Check out our portable wine rack collections.

A Cartier Watch

Though pricey, a Cartier watch is a gift that every gentleman out there will love. Known as “the jeweler to kings and the king of jewelers,” Cartier is a brand associated with royalty and prestige. If you are interested in learning more about this iconic brand, we wrote a whole article on the Cartier success story.

So if you have the budget for it, this is one gift we highly recommend. And you don’t have to break the bank spending tens of thousands of dollars. You can get an authentic Cartier men’s watch for less than $5000. Chrono24 is a great place to find authentic Cartier watch deals from trustworthy watch dealers.

We encourage you first to take a moment and go through their FAQs if you’re a first-time buyer.

Cocktail Shaker Set

If you are a reader of our posts, you probably know that here at Compass Longview, we love cocktails. Especially the classic cocktails like Whiskey sours and Manhattans that have stood the test of time. And the best part about these iconic cocktails—they are very easy to make!

Do you want a unique gift for that classy gentleman in your life? Then mixology bartender kit might be just the perfect Christmas gift idea. These cocktail shaker sets are inexpensive and will cost you less than $50.

Cocktail Shaker Set

A Box of Cigars

There’s a reason why more cigars are sold during the festive season than at any other time of the year. A box of premium cigars is simply the quintessential Christmas gift for a cigar lover. Whether it’s a father, brother, spouse, or friend, they will definitely appreciate this gift if they love smoking cigars.

Do some digging and find out their favorite cigar brand. Then you can go ahead get them one or, better still, a whole box. That should last them well into the new year.

box of cigar

Shoe Shine Kit

The art of shoe shining, a must-have skill for every modern gentleman. It’s his responsibility to pass down this vital skill to the next generation. Also, every gentleman probably owns a pair or two of boots or dress shoes. This is what makes a shoeshine box kit such a fitting Christmas gift idea.

In our article: How to Build the Ultimate Shoe Shine Box Kit, we mentioned our must-have items for every shoe shiner kit. But since there is a high likelihood you are looking for a pre-made kit, here is our recommendation: KIWI Select Shoe Shine Care Kit.

Shaving Kit

Grooming and hygiene are a core part of the modern gentleman’s lifestyle. After all, he values how he looks and puts in the effort to look his best. A key part of grooming is proper shaving. No matter what you might have heard, a neglected designer stubble is not a flattering look.

There’s a wide variety of shaving products to choose from in the market, and more are coming out every day. That’s where a shaving kit comes to the rescue as it takes the guesswork out of the equation. Instead of walking around the store with a basket full of products, trying to guess what to get for the gentlemen in your life, a shaving set offers everything you need in one package.

Some of the best and versatile shaving kits in the market include Dollar Club Gift Set and the old school Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour

A deep dive into the craftsmanship behind the making of whiskey will make any enthusiast appreciate their favorite whiskey even more! Jack Daniel’s is one of the most successful whiskey brands in the world, and a large part of this success is owed to the ideal location of its single distillery.

In case you didn’t know, this remarkable 140-year-old distillery is open for public tours. They range from the $15 tour that only involves a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Jack’s whiskey-making process to the $125 tour.

This one includes the behind the scene visit, sampling of whiskey drawn straight from the barrels, and a luscious meal at the Jack Daniel restaurant, Miss Mary Bobo’s.

3 in 1 Charging Stand

Technology has indeed become interwoven with the modern gentleman’s life. So this list would be incomplete without a tech-related gift idea. For this year’s gift guide issue, we recommend the OLEBR 3 is a charging stand that is compatible with even the latest generation of Apple Watches and iPhones and comes with a simple and stylish design and a variety of four colors: black, rose gold, space grey, or silver. This device will allow him to charge his iWatch, AirPods, and iPhone all from one handy charging stand. 

All-Access Pass(Masterclass)

If the modern gentleman in your life is your spouse, then this final gift idea might be the best of them all. Sign him up for a virtual cooking class with top chef Gordon Ramsay to brush up on his culinary skills.

You may even reap the rewards from this gift! On top of that, the all-access pass will allow him to dig into different classes from other world-class experts. From science, technology, arts to wellness, Masterclass has something to offer for every gentleman.

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